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A frightening discovery: We all know about how our lifestyle affects our own health! Processed foods, chemical flavourings, colours, preservatives and irradiation not to mention the toxic substances we have in our homes on furniture, in flooring, on cook-wear and chemicals we use to clean the house with, it all increases our toxic load and ultimately it can lead to illness and disease.

You ‘get out’, what you ‘put in’! So what does all this toxic overload do to our pets? They are at our mercy to feed and care for them properly. What happens in many cases is that we feed them what is essentially ‘fast food’ containing chemical preservatives, chemical flavourings, chemical colours low quality animal and vegetable derivatives and in some cases possibly even rendered products.

In addition to this, being lower to the ground, they inhale any fumes from toxic furnishings (fire retardants for example) or laminate flooring and pick up chemical cleaning residue on their paws which they may lick off and ingest or will penetrate through the skin, day in day out!

Our pets sadly do not live as long as they used to. In the 1950’s and 60’s for example: the average Golden Retriever lived to be fifteen or sixteen, while house cats routinely lived into their twenties. Today the Golden Retriever’s life expectancy averages less than ten years. Fifty years ago, dogs were fed table scraps, kitchen scraps and homemade food with butchers scraps, as commercial pet food hadn’t been invented. The table scraps were more healthy then, because we didn’t have so much processed food and chemical additives. Years ago, it was rare to take a dog to a veterinarian. Vets, (as were doctors), were only visited when deemed absolutely necessary. And yet, still dogs lived so much longer than they do today.

The big killer these days is Cancer. A recent study in the US showed that over 60% of Golden Retrievers will die of cancer. Moreover, approximately 400 out of 1000 dogs will develop cancer and close to 200 out of 1000 cats will develop feline leukemia. Sunflower oil is added to products even though studies both in the UK and the USA have shown that it increases the risk of cancer by 69%. Sunflower oil may be rich in omega-6 but dogs actually require a balance of omega-6 and omega-3 to remain healthy, a good source of this is salmon oil or coconut oil.

Cats have more tendency to develop Kidney Disease, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer than ever before and suffer greatly from Arthritis, Hyperthyroidism and Dental Disease. With the advancement of ‘dry’ cat food it is thought that many cats live in a constant state of dehydration due to not getting enough moisture in their food. They do not have the same kind of ‘thirst drive’ that dogs usually have and consequently they often don’t drink enough water to keep themselves adequately hydrated.

Many dogs and cats today develop allergies to wheat and other ingredients in food. These foods are usually ones that are not really appropriate for their species such as grains, giving them digestive problems, itchy and sore skin plus many more diseases than ever before!

Studying the chemical additions on some pet food products can take a bit of time but do you really want to feed your dog lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury? Or chemical based antioxidants which may sound like a health additive initially but they are actually used to stop fats turning rancid. A dogs digestive system doesn’t appreciate cereals, this is just indigestible bulk your dog does not need and it slows up the GI transit.

Of course there is something that you can do to help prevent this negative health aspect from just happening, you could feed your pet a species appropriate diet, or a partial raw diet and cook your own dog or cat food. It is not as complicated as you would think. Food prepared correctly will give your dog the necessary protein requirement and also the vitamins and minerals will be still present as they are not superheated or killed off by irradiation or other mainstream manufacturing processes.

Give meals naturally high in meat or fish protein and incorporate blends of beneficial herbs and spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, rosemary and fennel to give flavour and act as natural cleansing agents & preservatives, healing and aiding your pet’s digestion.

When a dog or cat gets holistic, natural nutrition he /she will be feeling great with soft fur no itchy skin, no tummy problems, bright eyes, wet nose and a strong lean body. You may also find they seem more contented and are brighter and more alert. These are the symptoms of great health, so it is satisfying to know that you are doing your utmost to give your best friend/s the absolute best quality of life possible.

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